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We enable shipping and industrial sectors to embrace disruptive innovation through the power of blockchain technology.

Through a fusion of expertise in shipping logistics, naval architecture and blockchain technology, we aim to drive efficiency, transparency, and environmental responsibility across the maritime sector and beyond.

What we do
Blockship is a pioneer in the shipping industry, leveraging cutting-edge blockchain solutions to revolutionize maritime operations. Our suite of services includes Bitcoin mining with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Through targeted strategy analyses and bespoke business plans, our tailored approach ensures companies optimize their investments while also playing a pivotal role in driving forward the revolution of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin ThRUST

In collaboration with Gaia First NGO, Blockship is pioneering a groundbreaking initiative to regenerate our oceans. Utilizing ships for plastic waste collection, Gaia First leverages this waste as a green energy source.

Blockship’s innovative approach converts surplus energy into computational power for the Bitcoin blockchain, directly conducted aboard. This ensures instant energy monetization boosting business profitability to new heights.


Andrea Frulla

Naval Architecture
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Naval Architecture
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